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I've always had a passion for real estate. Not in being an agent, but in looking at open houses, helping friends try to find the perfect home, watching endless hours of HGTV-wait, should I be admitting that? Yes, I think I should!

Recently, I've added a new category to my writing skillset: MLS Listings.

Yes, you read that right~I've been working with some realtors on creating the perfect descriptions for property listings here in Orange County.

It is so much fun as it incorporates two things I love: creative writing and house-hunting!

Coming up with just the right language to appeal to the right person can be a bit of a challenge but I am up for it! Plus, I get the opportunity to see some really spectacular properties and indulge my looky-loo alter ego.

The thing is, writers like me are at the heart and soul of so many industries. Even tech writers are trying to come up with innovative ways to share information and ideas without the same old stale jargon. Writers add frosting to the boring old vanilla cake that can be the written word. We look for that added touch, the sprinkles and the hard, crunchy, sugary candy everyone always wants to steal off the top.

Even the real estate market likes to have their rainbow sprinkles when it comes to describing the perfect abode.

Hey, I'm happy to do it...

Who knew?

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